by Everdread

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songs by, for, and about sad people.


released April 27, 2015

For Bella.
Caleb Trest - guitar, bass, synthesizer, programming, songwriting, lyrics, sampling, vocals
Cover art by Katt Eloise



all rights reserved


Everdread Brandon, Mississippi

Atmospheric heavy music from Flowood, Mississippi on Shinonome Labs.

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Track Name: House Pacer
my house is my haunt that i've claimed to patrol
as i search for something that will fit this hole
my home's interior's etched in my brain
it's likely that here is where i'll lastly lay.

thoughts swirl in my head like cigarette smoke
the self medication which gives you false hope
and that makes you happy, i admit i'm not
but i'd rather suffer than watch cohorts rot.

sacrifice well-being for the off-chance
that you'll find a nice girl to bring to the dance.
to see you achieve inner peace is my goal
and one day i'll look back and smile when i'm old.

those smiles in the future makes all of this worth it
i'll bury this hatchet and never unearth it
'cause i've cut ties with too many that i love
and i have some waiting for me up above.

and when i'm confronted with a hurricane
i focus on the calming sound of the rain.
my passion for people will be my downfall
but i think that's okay if i help along

all those around me that only see dark
but if they looked inside they would see the mark
they leave on the others as they come and go
and how unapolagetically it glows.

and all these connections i crave from my peers
won't be remembered past my teenage years.
but that doesn't mean that i invalidate
all the memories and impacts i make.

the tiger's stripes on the inside of your thighs
serving as tallies for all of the lies
you've been fed in your short time on this earth
don't say a thing badly about your worth.
Track Name: Through Sealed Glass
if i could convince him to free you, i would.
as if we were never here, we'd escape.
free spirits under lit Mississippi skies.
my father couldn't be more ashamed of me.

with the wind blowing through your hair
technicolor waving aimlessly.
we aren't going anywhere
but somehow, you look up to me.

let's keep going and not look back
there's nothing for us anyway
back in Flowood, we're both off track
let's just leave them all to decay.

as the city limits glide into view, i look to your eyes.
second thoughts assault your head. this love story comes to an end.

but now i know that this is just a pipe dream
you loved the idea of being in love.
so here i sit with glistening eyes.
in another reality, we ride.
Track Name: Playing The Double Agent Trope
if it means a thing to you, you mean everything to me.
if there's no value to my words, yours are golden and agleam.
and if opposites attract, then we've no magnetic pull.
we are one in the same, but we'll never feel the other's hold.

because of what makes me me.
one Y prevents me and you from being us.
why choose mono when there's rainbows?
i can't bring myself to blame you.

i can't sleep and you can't sleep.
if we're going to be burning moonlight, we might as well share the heat.
to say i dodged a bullet wouldn't quite be correct.
it's more like i shot myself and lived to recollect.

i sit and think about you.
you're drunk as fuck and rambling.
if this is how you want to be
then i have no right to stop you.

i've never felt this way before. i've always felt this way.
Track Name: Lauren
you're still here in my mind.

hyper-urbanites suspended timelessly in ideal living.
until my creative drive ceases to take priority
over the things that should matter most to me
you will never die.

you're still here in our minds.

forever ideal living, never a moment of strife
and nothing can ever burst your bubble.
we grow old and succumb to the drivel

but you will stay sixteen forever

never having to listen to anyone

about anything

forever a free spirit unhindered by the weathering of time.
Track Name: Friend-Shaped Hole
a friend-shaped hole where you once were.
sunrise. sunset. nine eight. fifteen.

part of the world around me is gone.
it'll still function but it won't be the same.
i'll try to fill in the cracks with gold
but so far all i can find is the dirt from a hole in the ground.

kintsukuroi. appreciate the beauty in something broken.

even if your time's up, timeless is your impact
your bleeding heart beats on in all those that you touched